Sunday, 9 June 2013

A little bit of This and That

 Good Morning! I am very late posting this today as I have enjoyed a lovely lovely lie in and also have been doing the usual chores that need doing! Yesterday was a full on day! I was at dancing with Evan from 9.30 and home for 12.00, then I had my lovely ladies come to do This and That at 2.00 - 4.00 and then Evan and I were back to dancing for our private lessons from 5.00 - 6.30 - PHEW! We were glad to sit down and watch a film together when we got home!

So onto This and That. I am really enjoying my This and That journal but its a slow process for me - mostly because the photos I ordered in plenty of time from a popular photo place have failed to turn up :( so I had to do a mad print session from my computer!!!

So here is my front cover. I decided to document my 40th year which started last July and finishes in just under 4 weeks when I will turn 40!! I decided to embrace it rather than fear it!!!!!

I have only done a little bit of the inside pages and they still need some attention but here is one of my dancing pages from Blackpool last year.

I had 3 lovelies join me for a little session in the craft studio yesterday!

Here is the lovely Chris

And my lovely friend Ellie

 And her daughter Georgia. It was Georgia's first attempt at "proper crafting" and she certainly kept us entertained!!!

We only managed to finish our front  and back covers but with the help of yours truly Georgia also managed to get the inside cover done. This is the space we will use for some journalling about the background of our journals.

I am running another session next Saturday if you would like to attend. 2pm - 4pm. Thanks to my 3 lovelies for attending yesterday!


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