Friday, 17 May 2013

MICA (Missing In Crafty Action!)

Hey there!! 

No doubt you have realised but I have been MICA (Missing In Crafty Action) and good reason I have for it too as we moved house on Monday!!! Really enjoying living in this gorgeous brand new home although I still feel like we are on holiday at the moment!

The move went fairly smoothly, even the huge corner sofa came into bits and the removal men managed to get it up the stairs fine!! The smaller sofa for our family room was a different story and it was touch and go for a while!

I have had loads of help from lovely friends and my Mum and Dad have been amazing, Mum has done my ironing this week and helped me unpack loads of kitchen stuff and my Dad has done loads of jobs and mowed the lawns and been a superstar. We wouldn't have this house if it weren't for them!

I haven't got many photos for you at the moment as I am still drowning under a sea of boxes but here are a few to share with you.

So here is a photo I took last year (yes its been going on that long!!!) This was before the house was fully finished (we don't have the blue barrel there anymore!). The bit to the left over the driveway is ours as well! It like a tardis! Looks small from the front but with the 3 floors we feel we have loads of room!

This is the lovely view from our family room and its the cricket ground where my son and hubby both play!

I can sit and have a cuppa and watch Ross playing in the practise nets (yes thats him in the distance practising his bowling!)

This was my craft room on the day we moved in!

And here is one of my favourite rooms, my lovely new kitchen!! Note the Pool Party walls and accessories!! Love it!

I'll be back tomorrow with some crafty chat and makes for you!



  1. all the best in your new home x
    Charlie x

  2. So glad you have finally moved in!

  3. It looks fab Julie and I am so happy for you. Wish you all a happy , happy life there. Love & hugs Anne x

  4. Wish you all the very very best for your lovely new home, Jenny x

  5. So glad you finally got there. Happy New Home Julie!

  6. Hope you soon settle into your new home Julie and unpack all that crafty stuff. Take care x Susan x

  7. With very best wished for every happiness in your New Home.

    Kath x

  8. Yaaaaay!!!! I knew it would all be okay in the end, congratulations on your lovely new home :) xoxo

  9. Congratulations on your new move :) Pictures and location looks lovely.


  10. Wow Gorgeous!! Best wishes for your new home Julie xx