Thursday, 7 April 2011

Now for something very different!

Hello there, how are you?? Did you have lovely weather yesterday??

Now todays post is very different to recent cards! My friends little boy turned 2 in March and he is obsessed with Peppa Pig, I think he had a Peppa Pig themed birthday party!! So I decided I would have a go at creating Peppa Pig from Punch Art

Now for anyone who hasnt got little children or who is not familiar with Peppa, here she is!!!

And here is my card complete with little brother George!!

I am sure you can work most of it out but Peppa's body is the Large Tag punch and both heads are the 1 3/8 circle with an OVal punch with the end trimmed off and 2 Word Windows popping up for the ears. The arms and legs and wellies were all cut by hand!

The wording is from my new Big Shot Alphabet Set, Timeless Type, which contains upper and lower case letters and other symbols and numbers too!! Very very useful!!

The balloons are from Party this Way!

Hope you like the card, I am told that William LOVED the card!!!

Back tomorrow

Jules x


  1. Wow, very familiar with Peppa and George and you've nailed it, George is absolutely spot on!!! Love the tails! The first comment from one of my little one's was, "when can we make it?"

  2. Love it! You've done a bril job with it.. xx

  3. LOVE your Peppa Pigs! My kids love Peppa Pig - and they're 10 and 14! *snort*

  4. Well done Julie, you are clever.

  5. WOW!!! Who's a clever girl!? I bet he adores this card.
    Chris xx

  6. Love your card Julie. That's Cbeebies good !!!

  7. Loving the little piggy tails!

  8. Oh love this Julie, Grandson's sleeping over Friday night so will have a practice tomorrow so I can let Ethan have a go Friday night.
    See you next week, Eileen is coming by the way, she was on holiday so had to wait till she came back before I could let you know.

    Kath x

  9. That is fab!!! Although I have to say, that I'm sooooo glad my boys have grown out of Peppa ;) Susan xxx

  10. absolutely brilliant - did you know that there is a Peppa Pig land at Paultons Park near Romsey Hants which opended earlier this month. I have a grandaughter who loves Peppa Pig too if it's not too cheeky would you be able to let me know how you made PP. My e-mail address is
    best wishes Lesley x