Sunday, 8 March 2009

Sweeney photo Alert!!!

No cards today I am afraid as I am out at a Wedding Fayre all day.
So I have scheduled this post in with some photos of the Dress Rehearsal of Sweeney Todd. Sorry to bore you if you wanted to see a card instead!!!!
To find me its probably best to look for the shortest female!! Its usually me!!!
OK , first one, I am on the far right at edge of stage with burgundy jacket and skirt on.
Second one, Yes I am the shortest!!! With the black and white top and burgundy skirt!

Number 3, nice shot of my backside!!! Thats me right at the front, not the shortest cos there are 2 kids in this one!!!! I don't know if you remember X Factor from 2007 but the boy I am next to with the wig on is Luke who got into the last 6 boys. He unfortunately didnt get onto the live shows! Bless him, he is a fab singer!

Number 4, me next to the lady with the basket!

I thought you might like to see this one, the guy in the chair had just had his throat cut and was being sent down the chair through the trap door into the bakehouse! (nice!)

Last one, we are supposed to be sinister in this one, check out those freaky shadows and yes I am the shortest again!!!!!

Hope you like the little gallery of Sweeney, back to normal tomorrow!


  1. Wow, It looks fantastic, Well done you !!

  2. Great photo's. It was a great show. x

  3. Awwww fab I love Sweeny Todd esp with Johnny Depp in infact I love anything with Johnny Depp in lol!! I've left you a lil something on my blog! x x

  4. looks like a great night fabulous Tonix

  5. Fab pictures - I so wish I could have seen it

    Hope you are having a good day