Friday, 3 October 2008

Chocolate Night!

Last night was my Chocolate night. We had a really good laugh!!
Below are my lovely crafting friends, Karen, Natalie, Anna and Debbie.
Karen was lucky enough to win the Chocolate goodie bag which you can just see on the picure, Green & Blacks choccie yummy. And of course it perfectly co-ordinates with the Chocolate Chip!!!! (so do my curtains too!!!!)

Here is the card we made using the True Friend set which I have used so much lately, a very lovely set.

We also made a quick and easy wine bottle cover with the Season of Joy set.

Thanks for coming girls, I had a good laugh and I didn't even touch a Chocolate Brownie!!!



  1. Glad you had a good evening,you all look like you had fun!!! :o)x

  2. we had so much fun lat night Jules, thanks loads for having us!

  3. Look like you had a good night, looking forward to my catalogue arriving seeing all your gorgeous new cards :)
    Gina xxx

  4. It looks like you all enjoyed yourself and to have it chocolate themed - yummy! x

  5. I had a great night, thanks for being a fab host. x

  6. Sorry I missed it but I've posted the card I made yesterday morning.
    Did you manage to resist the other 2 Danish's lol!!!

    Sharon :-)x

  7. Looks like you had some fun and I love your make and take. Sue :o)

  8. Hi Julie

    looks like fun!
    Love the card and especially like the bottle label. x

  9. Woohoo looks like you had such fun girlies, wish I was there really. M xxx