Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

Yesterday was my Dad's 65th Birthday, can't believe he will be 70 in 5 years!!!! He still seems younger than that to me!!!!
So we had a bit of cardmaking to do!!
My Dad's life has been Cricket!! It is his passion and even though he no longer plays, he is very involved with our local club and more recently has been my son's number one fan and mentor!!!
Here is the card I made from myself and Robin. Its a bit cheesy really and I dont normally do decoupage but Cricket papers etc are hard to find and I had already used the Papernation cricket set last year!!!!
I didnt want to put a huge 65 on the card so I discreetly popped it on the cricket ball that I made using my SU punch and a bit of doodling!

So my eldest boy (9) takes himself off and then proudly comes back with this Cricket Bat shaped card he had made all by himself. I am most impressed with it and that he had the idea in the first place!!!
Now I think my 5 year old may be going to be an artist when he gets older!! He has suddenly got the Mr Men bug and loves spending time drawing them and making cards (yippeee).
The only thing I did for him was score the card and stick the white card on and left him to it. He has copied this from the front onf the Mr Birthday book (see last photo)and he has done an amazing job dont you think!! Bless him, he even added 65!!!
We did notice after we took the photo, that he had missed the blue balloon off so he quickly added it!!

The Mr Birthday Book

And finally here is my lovely Dad with my 2 gorgeous boys!!

Happy Birthday Dad


  1. Awww,all 3 cards are fab,Julie!!! Hope you have a good SU evening,let me know when next one is.Have fun & sell loads!!! :o)x

  2. aww what a lovely pic of your dad and the boys :-)

  3. bless, both your boys are talented like their mum!

  4. What great cards, I bet your dad loved them all. x