Monday, 2 June 2008

What a day!

Well my littlesister got married on Saturday and the weather was fantastic, in fact the whole day was. I am shattered though. It was non-stop from 8am until Midnight
At 9 in the morning I was moving tables and setting up placecards in the wedding reception room, then I had to gt my hair done, get the boys ready, deliver all the button holes, help Claire get in her dress!!!
My big boy and myself did a reading during the service. I was very nervous for Ross but he wa a star, he read so well, even the registrars were choked up when he was reading!!
Here is a selection of the vast amounts of photos I took with my new camera, I am so pleased with the results. Let me know what you think!!!
Here are the boys, although I think Evan looks like a nightclub bouncer!!

My eldest boy, he is 9 on Thursday!!

I LOVE this photo, it makes him look so angelic!!

The happy couple!!

And again!

And another!!

And finally this is my favourite photo, my eldest took this one!!!!

Me and Robin dont have a decent recent photo so this will now become it!!



NattyK said...

I am so glad the day went so well, I love your photo's, the boys looked very handsome and you and your sister looked gorgeous. x

Julie said...

Gorgeous piccies...your boys look so cute, the brides dress looks amazing and a lovely one of you with other half. Looks a magical day even though you worked hard!

Kim said...

Beautiful photos Julie, don't ya all look sooo plush.... look at ya handsome boys..... awww you can see ya all enjoying the day......

Monica said...

Oh WOW!!! Stuning photos missus, boys looked too cute( had to laugh at the bouncer bit LOL)looks like you sis had a Fabulous day, I love the colour scheme she has chosen, and the dress, and you my dear looked absolutely stuning. Great photo of you and Rob. Hugs M xxx

Diane.W. said...

So pleased everything went well!
Your pics are luvly,you all looked really nice :o)x

Nikki said...

Everyone looked wonderful, looks like it was a great day all round!

Suzanne said...

Great pictures everyone looks very pretty and handsome and the weather looks good, lovely memories to treasure (get the scrapbook out!!) Sue :o)

Tarasdesigns said...

glad the sun was shining for your sisters wedding. you and hubby look gorgeous and the boys look so cute (although I'm sure thats not what they want to hear as I bet that's not cool!!)

Sharon said...

Glad everything went well. Your boys look so smart in their suits.
Sharon :-)x

Michelle said...

Gorgeous photos Jules and thanks for sharing them with us. So glad that you had a great time and just wanted to say your dress is GORGEOUS and you looked gorgeous in it!! x