Sunday, 16 March 2008

Sport Relief mile!

We did it !!! Me and my hubby and boys ran the Sport Relief mile this morning.
It was freezing, I had sinusitus but so what, compared to the things I witnessed on the TV on Friday night my things are so trivial. Please please donate to this worthy cause, so many different charities benefit from the money raised.

This is me (in the GAP top) with my eldest son, Ross, we were near the finish line here!

My hubby and youngest, Evan (in the grey tops), they were a bit slower than us!!

This was everyone at the start

Us with our numbers on before we set off!!!
Next stop London Marathon. Ha Ha


  1. Well done all of you!! don't joke about the marathon my hubby was 45 when he ran his first marathon!! plenty of time for you yet!! Me I have a job running for a bus lol Sue :o)

  2. Gtreat going guys!! You all looked the part and I agree about the good cause I ve cried my eyes out all night and spent quite a bit several times. Hugs M xx

  3. Yeah!!! Great work! It's hard work, especially when your not feeling well ~ but you did it for a good cause!

  4. Well done for running all of you, such a great cause :0) x

  5. Well done to you all. It's a great cause. x

  6. a big well done you and yours.....

  7. What a great thing to do, and a wonderful thing to teach your boys!

  8. YOU GO GIRL! I love it when people step beyond their own little world to help others. It is so special that you did it as a family. Can't wait to see the layouts of your pics!

  9. Well done to you all. It's for a great cause so you should be really proud of what you have done.
    xx :0)

  10. Way to go - that is just so awesome that you got the whole family to participate - what a great cause! :)